US Army Veteran Leadership Trainer

About Us

Hi, I'm JJ!


Passionate Army Veteran Leader who is Ready to Serve YOU!!

After 23 years of leadership experience, I found a skill gap in companies. I found that people need to focus on professional development, leading to uninformed leaders learning on the go! I decided to start a business to bridge the leadership gap and help individuals and companies develop their leadership through coaching, training, and peer group facilitation. 

I have served in leadership positions at just about every level. I gained most (not all) of my leadership experience from military service. I have had the opportunity to train, teach, coach, mentor, fight, and learn with and from hundreds of leaders worldwide. I say this because I have been blessed with the opportunity to gain this experience and education to share it with the world. I would be honored to serve you and your organization!

Why Victory Leadership Coaching? 


Many people ask why I would leave my couch as a Retired Army Veteran to start a business teaching and coaching others. Simple! I want to help people with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years as a leader!  

Leadership is a necessary part of life, work, family, and business, and it isn’t going away. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, I will show you how!