MISSION: To Train the Masses on the Principles of Servant Leadership!

You can be a Manager, but you Can't be a Leader Without Training!

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With Victory Leadership Coaching, we don't just provide coaching, we ignite a passion for excellence!  

When you hire Victory to get you to the next level, you welcome accountability, experience, and a vision for servant leadership.  

If you want to get to the next level in your professional development, this is where you need to go!

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Transform your leaders into champions of success with our leadership training!

We help your leaders get to the next level with training that fosters teamwork by enhancing communication, taking ownership, leading from the front, and creating a culture of servant leadership!  

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Servant leadership solves most of the mental health problems in the workforce today!  

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Meet JJ Hardy

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JJ is a retired US Army veteran with over 20 years of experience in leadership and mental health mitigation in the workforce. He has worked with top educational institutions and some of the best military leaders to learn how to teach, coach, mentor, and create a supportive work environment.  

JJ is passionate about sharing his knowledge and transforming supervisors, managers, directors, vp's, and business owners into servant leaders!  Don't miss the opportunity to meet JJ and train with the best!

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Podcasting to Educate and Showcase Experts and Entrepreneurs

Victory Leaders Lounge: Empowering Servant Leadership and Entrpreneurship

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Discover the transformative poswer of servnat leadership cobined with the entrepreneurial spirit on the Victory Leaders Lounge Podcast.  Each episode is crafted to educate, inspire, and guide listeners through the priciples of servant leadership that prioritize the well-being and growth of others.  This podcast is a vital resource for current and aspiring leaders across all sectors looking to harness the effectiveness of leading by serving.  Hosted by experienced leader and US Army Retiree, JJ Hardy (The Coach), the Victory Leaders Lounge Podcast explores how these leadership techniques can drive successful entrepreneurship and create thriving business cultures.  Tune in to learn from top thought leaders and entrepreneurs who share their journeys, challenges, and the impactful strategies they-ve employed.  Whether your a business owner, executive, or someone passionate about leadership and making a positive impact, this podcast will equip your with the insights and inspiration to lead with integrity and vision.  
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Warrior LDRSHIP: Bridging Coaching and Therapy

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This podcast is the ultimate resource for individuals looking to master the art of leadership by integrating the principles of coaching and therapy with the core values and ethos of the US Army.  Each episode dives deep into the distinctions and connections between coaching and therapy, offering listeners actionable insights and practical tool to enhance their leadership skills.  Hosted by JJ Hardy (The Coach) and Derric Brown (DB The Therapist) both with military backgrounds, this podcast sheds light on the seven Army values-Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage-through real-life examples and expert discussions.  Whether you're a veteran, active service member, or a civilian leader seeking to adopt these time-tested principles, The Warrior LDRSHIP Podcast provides the knowledge and motivation to elevate you leadership journey.  Tune in to transform your leadership approach and embody the warrior ethos in every aspect of your life.  
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Taking part in the Victory leadership development courses were a real eye-opener for our managers. It offered invaluable insights into effective leadership practices, strategic decision-making, and fostering teamwork. The online sessions and engaging discussions helped our leaders to gain the tools and mindset needed to navigate today's dynamic business landscape. We've cultivated a culture of excellence and innovation by prioritizing the growth and development of our leaders. I would personally recommend that anyone facing leadership challenges or even just wanting to invest in the growth and development of their leadership team to not hesitate to get started with Jeremiah!

-Ryan (RESQRS)
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